About Endo on George

Welcome - At "Endo On George" we strive to provide endodontic care of the highest standard in a relaxed and pleasant environment. Is this your first "root canal" or have you had endodontic treatment before? You may be surprised how cutting edge technology can provide you with a comfortable experience.

We use digital radiography: There is no more need to wait for the development of the x-ray film - it is instantly there on the screen. Our doctors will be pleased to explain the images to you to enhance your understanding of what a "root canal treatment" entails. Also, with the use of digital radiography, the exposure to radiation for you as the patient may be reduced by up to 90%.

When indicated, our doctors may request a Cone Beam CT: This revolutionary technology may allow our doctors to obtain 3D images of your tooth for diagnostic and treatment purposes, or to better predict the likely success of treatment in complex cases.

The use of electronic apex locators may reduce the need for radiographs to determine the length of your root canals.

We routinely use operating microscopes, both for surgical and non-surgical procedures. The enhanced visibility enables us to clearly analyse the anatomy of each individual tooth.

Your safety is our priority - All non-surgical endodontic procedures are carried out under rubber dam protection, a "must" for non-surgical endodontics. Our practice adheres to the highest standards of infection control.